Gorilla Trekking Safaris Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo

Gorilla trekking in Africa is one of the most prominent safari activities carried out by numerous tourists that visit the main countries i.e Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo on holiday safari adventure. Book a Gorilla safaris to experience the best encounters with the vast apes.

About Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas refer to large endangered species which inhabit thick forest vegetation in countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. These are vegetarians hence feed on fruits, vegetables, and small insects throughout. Their number has rapidly grown after increased invention of conservation projects funded by a variety of individuals/ organizations around the world.  These live together hierarchically in groups with a Silverback who leads the group and defends it from any danger, an adult female, black backs and then young gorillas which are followed by the juveniles. The silverback beats its chest whenever he wants to communicate with other members in the group for example when a female is producing, when there is an attack from another group etc.  Only eight visitors and children above 14 years old whose health is good are allowed to track a group of these primates in an hour’s time. However, one is advised to keep a distance of about 7 km from these primates for they can easily be provoked hence causing harm to humans.

Gorilla trekking is a process that involves moving through the thick forests in search for the endangered species of mountain gorillas as according to their movements from one place to another. The search is easier in company of an experienced guide who follows tracks in the soil, noise, broken trees and leaves dropped by these primates while moving hence making the whole activity of tracking them flexible. After locating the Gorillas, one has to keep calm/ quiet around them.  In Uganda, the endangered species of Mountain Gorillas can be tracked in two National Parks i.e Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and Mgahinga National park due to their dense green tropical rain forests. In Bwindi National park there are 12 groups of Mountain Gorillas and these are located in different sectors i.eBuhoma sector - Mubaare, Rushegura and Habinyanja, Ruhija sector- Mishaya, Nshongi, Busingye, Kahungye and Bweza, Rushaga sector-Bitukula, Oruzogo and Kyaguliro and the Nkuringo sector with the Kuringo Gorilla group. Mgahinga has the Nyakagezi Gorilla group. In Rwanda, there are ten Gorilla groups at Volcanoes National park and these include; Susa group, Umubano, Ugenda, Sabinyo, Hirwa, Karisimbi, Amahoro, Bwengye, Kwitonda and Group 13 “Agasha group”. In Congo, there are six Gorilla groups that can be tracked at Virunga National park and these include; Kabirizi, Humba, Rugendo, Mapuwa, lulengo and Muyanga Gorilla groups.

When preparing to Go for Gorilla trekking, pack and carry the following trekking gear to enable you enjoy your entire trekking experience.

  • When preparing to go trekking, one should move with a denim shirt or a t-shirt with long sleeves to cover the arms so as to protect them from wild plants, bush thorns, insects, and morning mist/chill. These can also dry up so easily incase of rain.
  • A Rain Jacket because it rains almost all the time since these countries are situated close to the equator. So tourists are advised to come with a cheap poncho and a light jacket which are very essential during trekking.
  • Long pants that are not jeans since jeans get too heavy after getting wet while trekking for gorillas since this includes movement through the wet and thick forest vegetation. The long thick dry pants are recommended due to the fact that they would offer protection from thorns, branches.
  • Light weight Boots; this involves wearing those that cover your ankles since the trekking involves moving through muddy areas or one can ask for gum boots also called knee high rubber willies. While hiking one needs to wear hiking boots so as to flexibly trek along the steep terrain full of vines according to the family gorilla being trekked. The socks should be woolen so as to provide warmth.
  • Building/Gardening gloves; these should be made of cotton and padded along the palms and fingers since touching the various vines is inevitable.

Note: One should also carry with them the following;

  • Cap/hat
  • Waterproof plastic bag; this to help keep the camera/film
  • Camera without a flash


Gorilla Families In Uganda

Uganda also referred to as the Pearl of Africa offers exceptional Uganda Safari Tours in Gorilla trekking at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park as well as the prominent Mgahinga Gorilla National Park both located after Kisoro Town in the South West of Uganda. the Gorilla trekking permit costs US $600 per person.

Mubare Group


Visit Bwindi Forest National Park in the Buhoma sector to spot the Mubare Gorilla group.

Rushegura group


Rushegura Gorilla group is such an exciting group to interact with at Bwindi Forest National Park.

Habinyanja group


First spotted around a swamp, this group as you take various photos of the individuals.

Mishaya Group


Being first spotted around Mishaya Village, this group is fond of wandering and grazing.

Nshongi Group


This group is located strategically at the river giving visitors remarkable experiences.

Busingye Group


With 9 members under Silver back Busingye who decided to split to make his own peaceful group.

Kahungye group

Under the leadership of Silver back Gwigi, the group consists of 13 members and is exciting to watch.

Bweza Group

Bweza Gorilla group is exciting to spot at Bwindi Impenetrable forest National park due to their social ways with each other.

Bitukura Group


Being named after the beautiful river Bitukura, the group is very peaceful and calm to spot while on safaris.

Kyaguliro group


Purposely opened and habituated for study/ research, this group offers data about their behavioral changes.

Oruzogo group


With 23 members, the Oruzogo Gorilla group is such an exciting group to trek within the thick forests.

Nkuringo group


The Nkuringo Gorilla group is quite a hectic group to track due to its constant relocation in the hills and requirements.


Gorilla Families in Rwanda

Susa Group


Visit Rwanda's Volcanoes National park to track this exceptional Gorilla group within the tropical vegetation.

Umubano Group


With 11 individuals under a ruling silver back, this group is exceptional and reliable for tracking by all visitors.

Ugenda Group


This group is found in the region of Karisimbi with 11 individuals and is quite  difficult to track.

Sabinyo Group


Named after Sabinyo volcano, this group is easy to track due to its location close to the park.

Hirwa Group


Created due to the existence of two different groups, the hirwa group is the best to encounter on safaris.

Karisimbi Group


Located along the slopes of Mt Karisimbi volcano, the group has 15 members to interact and make your adventure fun.

Amahoro Group


This group is very peaceful under a lead silver back called Ubumwe with 17 members that are relaxed and calm.

Bwenge Group


Situated along the slopes of Mount Karisoke with 11 members the group is exciting to track.

Kwitonda Group


With 18 members under Silver back Kwitonda, the group is challenging to track due to the longer distances one has to take to spot them.

Agasha Group-Group 13


Are you a traveler who wants an encounter that lasts, visit and track this group to get the best of all experiences through out your lifetime.


Gorilla Families In Congo

Kabirizi Group


Embark on a journey to Virunga National park Congo to interact and spot this mountain Gorilla group in the thick tropical vegetation forests.

Humba Group


This group consists of 16 individuals under the lead silver back called Humba and is located in the Bukima sector close to Goma.

Rugendo Group


Encounter an experience with this Gorilla group at Virunga National Park Congo for it is very lively to spot, learn and interact with while on safaris.

Mapuwa Group


The group has 15 individuals with a lead silver back called Mapuwa and is strategically located in Jomba next to Bunagana making it easy to track.

Lulengo Group


Under the rule of silver back Lulengo, the group has six members and is located in Jomba near Bunagana border in the Mikeno sector.

Muyanga Group


Located strategically close to Bukima sector, this gorilla group is very exceptional to track an interact with while on holiday adventure.

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