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Cultural Tours in Uganda (Very Affordable 2023-2024)

Cultural Tours in Uganda are very affordable in 2023-2024 and offer you exciting traditional Adventures. Cultural Tours in Uganda give you unique experiences around the different places in Uganda.

Culture in Uganda and Rwanda is one of the most prominent Safari Activities travelers experience while on Holiday Tour due to the unique Traditional Adventures they offer to all kinds of travelers around the world. These are very amazing to encounter as you will adventure and involve in African traditions and Customs.

Uganda Culture Safaris-Culture Adventure Tours in Uganda

Uganda also known as the Pearl of Africa has various Safari Destinations in which travelers around the world can transfer to experience the best Cultural Safari Encounters on vacation holiday in Uganda.

Semliki National Park

Visit Semliki National Park and involve yourself in the traditional norms and cultures of the indigenous Batwa people/ community who are hunters and food gatherers in Semliki forest. Some of the needs they get from the thick forest include medicine/ herbs, food, shelter and tools which has improved their lives since the ancient times. However, this has transformed due to the community’s interactions with other different local communities/ people who have inter married hence transforming their lives completely. A boma (cultural village) is being constructed in order for the Batwa people to present their enriched cultural history through a variety of performances like music, dance and drama relating their lives back in the days when they inhabited the thick forest.

Kidepo National Park

Cultural encounters in Kidepo National Park are presented through entertainment by the local people who sing, dance and act so as to elaborate more about their generational existence from way back in time. A variety of traditional dances are performed which makes all visitors very pleased with the unique African culture hence making it an exceptional encounter for every one that involves in it. Examples of performances include the Emuya of the Nyangia, Naporre ethnic groups with Larakaraka as well as the Apiti dances which are usually presented by the natives of Acholi land.

Kibale Forest National Park

Visit Kibale National Park and involve yourself on a guided cultural walk via the Magombe swamp wetlands where you will spot many wildlife species like 8 different primates, 200 bird species, several butterflies, swampy vegetation and the traits of the Batooro people. You will involve in village walks and breaks at local schools, churches, and traditional healing centers as well as the Kibale Association for Rural Environment Development (KAFRED) a community based organization that was founded to improve the lives of people by providing them with education and good health. It also enhances and eradicates people about the importance of conserving bio diversity through music, dance and drama presentations at local schools. While carrying out the activity, you will be informed about the history Bigodi by inter relating it to the story of the “Village of Two Tribes” i.e when the Bakiga connected with the Batooro in the early 1950s.

Mgahinga National Park

Transfer to Mgahinga National Park to experience and encounter the cultural traditions and customs of the indigenous Batwa community that inhabits the thick vegetation forests where they hunt animals, gather food and get medicine. These guide visitors through the forest where they present to them their previous home along with the methods they used to survive in the forest. After the foundation of the park, the indigenous community was expelled from the forest which transformed their lifestyles as pastoralists. The only period they are allowed to penetrate through the forest is during times when visitors want to explore their previous lives.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park/span> neighbors the local Banyoro and Alur people who have different cultural norms as well as the Mubako Village which is located on the borders of Murchison Falls National Park with grassed small cabins/homesteads that offer free space for people to interact and stay overnight. The village has shops that sell hand woven items to guests on prior request. In the evening, community members gather and conduct cultural dances, songs around the lodges and camp fires using the “Adungu” a tool made of twine and cowhide to entertain the guests.

There is also the Boomu women’s group a project that was founded in 1999 to reduce the level of poverty and provide earnings to the members of the community there by enhancing improved standards of living and education to the children as well as the community.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

While at Queen Elizabeth National park you will locate to the Igongo Cultural Center which acts as a superlative spot/ resting point for the visitors transferring from the park back to Kampala and is strategically located close to the park. Hospitable personnel that are available 24/7 will receive you with open arms and here, you will be served delicious meals at lunch while relaxed in an exquisite serene environment at a simple restaurant. The meals include international and local dishes like matooke served with ghee, local drink made from sorghum and millet etc. These are obtained and cultivated from local gardens so as to provide visitors with fresh food from the garden.

Bwindi Forest National Park

Visit Bwindi Forest National Park and embark on a 3 hr village walk which starts with encountering the handcraft shop that sells hand woven artifact materials, for example beeswax candles, fabric, wood carvings made by experienced crafts men. After this, you will proceed to go visit the indigenous Batwa Community group that will receive you with warm welcoming performances through music, dance and drama about their previous ancient lives while in the forest and here you will learn more about the methods they applied to survive in the thick forest. You will engage in various activities for example making juice, gin and beer using local materials like bananas.

Later on, you can take on the Rubuguri Village Walk where you will meet rural paths along steep hillsides that will take you to a candid remote community that will make you adventure more spectacular due to the hospitality you will receive from the people that live here. These will inform you of how they have survived and lived in Rubuguri village as well as teach you on making traditional materials from scratch.

Rwanda Cultural Adventure Tours, Rwanda Culture Safaris

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village

The customary Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village experience usually happens after the exciting encounter with the endangered species of Mountain Gorilla in Volcanoes National Park. During the whole experience you will be welcomed with dances and presentations from the local people and you will learn a lot of activities like drumming, shooting a bow, collecting local medicine from the forest, cooking, gathering and hunting techniques that were used to catch wildlife. You will have an exceptional experience since you will learn a lot from people around this place for these were poachers before.

Ankole – Inyambo Cattle

Also referred to as the Cows of Kings, the Ankole Cows are very prominent in Rwanda as well as Uganda and what makes them special, is the size of their long horns as well as the beauty of their coats. While traveling around south western Uganda and Rwanda, you will spot them moving along the fields, roads with a boy/ man grazing them.

Umuganda Day

Umuganda means getting together to gain a common purpose and according to Rwanda, people from different communities would call upon their friends, neighbors and family together to help them accomplish a challenging task. In Rwanda today, this happens every fourth Saturday in the month and when this day comes, every one from any part of the country finishes whatever they are doing, close businesses and get together to involve in cleaning their neighborhoods, buildings, towns/cities, villages etc. This is compulsory to every citizen of the beautiful country of Rwanda and mandatory for all to participate.

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