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Hiking and Nature Walks

Hiking & Nature Walking Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda & DR Congo

Are you a vivid hiker interested in Adventuring Africa’s beautiful terrains, book a Hiking Tour Safari to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These are very exceptional due to the beautiful sceneries they offer to all as well as sightings of the various mammals and bird species tat are usually interacting with their natural vegetation habitat.

Are you a very curious traveler who wants to discover untouched nature around the world, visit Rwanda, DR Congo and Uganda for hiking and nature walks in the vast montane thick vegetation forest looking for remote destinations that have never been discovered.

Hiking and Nature Walks in Uganda, Rwanda & DR Congo

Hiking Destinations in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

In Uganda, hiking and Nature Walks can be carried out in various Safari destinations i.e Lake Mburo National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Semliki National Park.

Bwindi Forest National Park, Kibale Forest National park, Kidepo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mt. Rwenzori National Park, Mt. Elgon National park, etc. Along these you will enjoy watching various Monkeys, birds, mammals, butterflies, etc.

In Rwanda these can be carried out in Nyungwe Forest National park, Volcanoes National Park, Dian Fossey Tombs as well as the Musanze Caves.

In Nyungwe Forest National Park you will transfer along various trails watching monkeys play within the tree branches  where as in Volcanoes National park you will watch Golden Monkeys.

Birds and at the Karisoke Research Center you will learn more about the prominent Primatoligist Dian Fossey who sacrificed her life to save that of the Mountain Gorillas that where killed at the time. A walk to the Musanze Caves will give you a historical touch of Rwanda.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo you will engage in hiking to Mountain Nyiragongo Volcano an active volcano with a very vigorous lava lake at the top found of spewing lava into thin air at all times.

This will take you a period of 4-6 hours and when you reach the top, you will have exceptional views at the spewing Lava in the sky and you will take photos to keep for memories.

Best Time to Go Hiking in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

Hikers around the world can transfer to Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo any time around the year however the Best Time to Go Hiking is during the short rain and dry season in the months of mid-December to early February, June to September.

During this period the trails are drier and navigable. So avid Hikers should transfer during this period to enjoy the best Experiences.

What to Wear for Hiking Adventures in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

When interested in Hiking in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo carry the following Hiking gear to experience the best Hiking Adventure Tours .

  • Hiking/ Trekking Boots
  • Rain Jacket
  • Sweater
  • Camera
  • Bottled Water and Snacks
  • Long Sleeved Shirts/ T-shirts
  • Long Pants not Jeans
  • Woolen Socks
  • Woolen Gardening Gloves
  • Cap/ Hat

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