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Booking Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions at Active African Vacations

Active African Vacations drafts and organizes Safari Adventures in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Before you confirm your safari Tour, we recommend you read through our Booking Terms and Conditions to enjoy the best Safari Adventures on Holiday Tour.

Below are our Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy

If you have booked and confirmed a safari Adventure Tour with us and got some issues, we advise you inform us about your cancellation prior to the arrival date. The cancellation is inefficient until you provide us with a written copy about you cancelling your safari tour. Below are the cancellation fees you ought to pay when you cancel a safari with us.

101 Days and above 20 % of Safari Cost
61-100 Days 30% of Safari Cost
46-60 Days 50% of Safari Cost
16-45 Days 80% of Safari Cost
0-15 Days 100% of Safari Cost


Note: The above cancellation fees are based on the date you confirmed your safari trip with us @ Active African Vacations Limited.

Accommodation Booked

If you confirm and book with us a Lodge/ hotel of your tastes and preferences and need to change it for certain reasons, we advise you inform us in advance so that we get you the lodge/ hotel of your dreams to enjoy every safari encounter on your safari tour.

Complaints About Our services

After booking and confirming your safari tour with us and have any complaints, we advise you to reach and inform us about your complaint so that we address it as soon as possible. This will make you have a remarkable convenient and exciting safari with comfort.

Authenticity of Our Information  

The Information we offer about our ours and Travel adventures in National Parks, Booking Gorilla trekking Permits, Accommodation and Safari Packages is authentic making us responsible travel Agents. We advise you to provide full payment for the bookings of the Safari Tours 4 weeks to departure.

Gorilla Trekking Permits Booking

Gorilla Trekking Permits are purchased immediately after making payment for your Gorilla trekking Adventure in although getting this document does not guarantee you will see the Gorillas. Although, it is 99% that you will see them in their natural forest vegetation habitat.

Safari Tour Payment  

As you are planning your safari, we recommend you pay 30% of the full Safari Cost as well as any essential document purchases so as to avoid any inconveniences. The Documents include; Gorilla Trekking Permit, Chimpanzee Tracking Permit and Wildlife Adventure Fees. The rest of the Money/ balance should be paid a few days to the end of your Trip.

In case of any issues or inconveniences during the trip i.e Vehicle issues, we recommend you fix the problem, contact us to inform us about it and keep the necessary documentation as proof of payment. After the Safari Tour, you will transfer back to our offices and provide the documentation then we shall pay you back your money as compensation.


Before you travel on your safari tour, we advise you transfer with valid personal travel insurance to make it easier for you to transfer during your safari Adventure Tour. This should cover accidents, death, theft of personal belongings and medical expenses. The insurance will cover/ back you up when doing numerous risky safari activities like Mountain Climbing and White Water Rafting.

Baggage/ Personal Belongings

All Baggage/ personal belonging should be watched and cared for vigilantly to avoid any theft or disappearance. Keeping this safe and well requires the traveler to be careful.

National Parks and Safari Destinations

It is not allowed to take any produce from the National Parks be it the wildlife animals, rare species of wildlife and samples from the Parks. You should only photograph the wildlife animals, their natural vegetation habitats but not take anything outside the Park. Do not poach as well for this is illegal in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

We also inform you to pay the Park Entrance Fees fully to avoid any inconveniences while watching the numerous wildlife animals wandering around the green vegetation habitat.

Photography on Safari Tours

Photography on your safari Tour is open especially in the Wildlife National Parks where you free to take as many photos as possible to keep for memories. However, when these get personal for example in Masai Mara Game Reserve where you might want to take a photo of the unique Masai People, you should ask for their permission or follow the guidelines of the Tour Guide who will be advising you on what to do. You must have a Good Camera to get the best Shots.

Inclusive on your Safari Tour

When you pay and confirm your booking, the price will include the following;

  • A valid Gorilla Trekking Permit
  • Chimpanzee Tracking Permit
  • All Meals
  • 4WD Vehicles
  • Full Time Experienced Guide
  • Full Time English Speaking Guide
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Activity Fees

Tips and Extra purchases

Providing Tips and Purchases is up to the traveler hence optional and paid according to the services you get from the porters, waitresses/ waiters and driver Guides as well as Ranger Guides.

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