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Golden Monkey Tracking

Golden Monkey Tracking in Uganda and Rwanda

The Golden monkey also referred to as the Blue monkey is a rare species to be found worldwide despite the fact that it can be found in some destinations around the world like Mgahinga National Park in Uganda and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda as well as Kahuzi Biega National park where they are believed to be wild not habituated.

These have golden orange on their backs that make them easily recognized and live in groups of 3-60 though those that are habituated increase to 80-100 members.

These live within the thick rich bamboo forests enjoying their habitats to the fullest since while here, you will spot them jump and play from one tree to another in groups.

Golden Monkey Tracking Tours Uganda & Rwanda

The Golden Monkey Tracking Process

In order for one to track these species, they must be in company of an experienced tour guide who will walk them throughout the thick forest vegetation and rugged terrain. The whole process takes only an hour to get done and only 8 people are authorized to visit and interact with each group. If you are a devoted photographer please don’t miss out on this opportunity due to the remarkable memories you will experience.

Additionally, other monkeys can be tracked in the thick forests of Nyungwe forest National Park Rwanda i.e the Black & White Colobus Monkeys also known as the Ruwenzori Colobus. These are attractive species to all that engage in spotting them and live in bigger groups of over 200 members.

They are fond of jumping and playing amongst the trees making the experience very exceptional for vivid photographers. While in Rwanda on holiday don’t miss out on such a fulfilling opportunity to experience the best encounters throughout.

Best Time to Go Golden Monkey tracking in Rwanda & Uganda

Golden Monkey TrackingTravelers around the world should transfer to Uganda and Rwanda anytime around the year to experience remarkable Golden Monkey Tracking Adventures however the Best Time To Go Golden  Monkey Tracking is during the short rainy season in the months of mid September to November, March to May and  December to February since during this season, the Golden Monkeys are flooding the tree branches in search for food/ fruits, leaves, insects to feed on.

Cost of the Golden Monkey Tracking Permit

The Golden Monkey Tracking Permit cost varies from one country to another for example, in Rwanda at Volcanoes National park these cost US $100 per person interested where in Uganda at Mgahinga National park these cost US $50 per person interested in tracking these amazing Primates.

These can be obtained by contacting the Uganda Wildlife Authority to reserve your permit or the Rwanda Development Board. However, you can contact an authentic Tour Operator Agency that will obtain these on your behalf before the date of arrival.

What to Wear For Golden monkey Tracking

As you are transferring on holiday to Rwanda and Uganda for holiday adventures carry and wear the right gear to experience the best Golden Monkey Tracking Safari Adventures in Uganda’s Mgahinga National park and Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park. Below are some of the tracking Gear;

  • Long Sleeved Shirts/ T-shirts
  • Long Trousers that are not jeans
  • Rain Jacket
  • Camera with no Flash
  • hiking Boots
  • Gardening Gloves

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