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Volcano Climbing

Volcano Climbing in Rwanda

Volcano climbing takes place along Mount Visoke, Mount Muhabura, Mount Karisimbi.

Climbing Mount Visoke/Bisoke)

With a crater lake at the top, Mount Visoke occupies an area that lies both in Democratic Republic of Uganda and Rwanda. The mountain is known to be a perfect volcano by many while at the bottom with about 3700 meters above sea level. Climbing this mountain is quite challenging due to its sharp elevation and vertical tracts along the trails one has to follow so as to get to the top. On your way up, you will pass via several vegetation regions like the Afro-montane zone that includes rare plants like the big lobelias. The process of climbing takes about 3-5 hours in company of skilled guides who will ensure your hike goes on well as expected. You should also carry packed lunch and plenty of bottled water with you for the lengthy hike.

Climbing Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura is the second highest peak within Volcanoes National Park situated in the Far East spanning both Rwanda and Uganda. One can use either side of the border to get to the top of the mountain so as to spot the stunning volcanoes of Rwanda, Uganda and DRC at a distance during day. One can swim and walk around the Crater Lake on the Rwandan side. Climbing this mountain is challenging and requires one to put in effort. However, one can take only a day to hike this mountain depending on their capability. You will enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain inclines as well as the vegetation zones that are occupied with thick forest and green bushes an experience that is worth encountering.

Mount Karisimbi Climb

Hiking Mount Karisimbi takes two days to get to the 5th highest snow capped peak at the top. On the first day you will take 6 hours to climb/ hike to the top about 3700 meters and while at night you will set up camps to sleep and rest. The next day, you will proceed to the crest where you will also have an opportunity to spot and encounter beautiful sightings of the relief and vegetation at the top. After finishing, you will descend in about 6 hours.

Volcano Climbing in Uganda

Mt. Sabyinyo (366m)

Mt. Sabinyo consists of 3 defying crests to climb despite the fact that it has worn out with time. In case one climbs up the mountain on the eastern side to the peak, they will encounter different crests/peaks and these will depend on how high you will climb. As you continue climbing, you will reach peak 11 which includes hiking a ridge into the gorges of Uganda and Rwanda hence getting an exceptional experience of both countries. Climbing to peak 111 is very challenging due to the fact that you will have to get filthy on your way up. You will also use various hectic methods like ladders, pulp struggling etc which are not flexible at all. After reaching the top, you will spot all the three countries i.e Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mt. Gahinga (3474m)

Mt. Gahinga is situated close to Mt. Muhavura in form of a stack referred to as a “Gahinga” in the local language. This mountain appears bigger than the ordinary pile though when compared to Mt. Muhavura, it is very small. This hike will take you about 6 hrs  while moving through the Bamboo forest till the top.The mountain once had a crater lake at the top which has unfortunately turned into a verdant swamp with time and only takes one 8 km to this place.

Mt. Muhavura (4127m)

Mt. Muhavura is a distinctive funnel shaped mountain situated in an area where one can spot the entire surrounding of Kisoro town hence providing tremendous views of the flora and fauna of the park and country. While climbing to the top of Mt. Muhavura, you will pass via the stony surface covered by grass and candid shrubs.  The hike will take about 8 hrs in about 12 km upwards and when hikers reach the top, they will spot the beautiful   Virunga volcanoes, Bwindi national Park, Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park, peaks of Rwenzori Mountains etc hence making the whole process exceptional.

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