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White water Rafting

White water rafting is a very exceptional activity that takes place along the magnificent Nile River that flows towards Egypt in the north of Africa. it requires one 2 hours to transfer from the airport through the crowded Kampala City to Jinja found in the eastern part of Uganda. When you reach Jinja, you will travel to the northern part of Jinja down the road after taking some snacks with tea, receiving life jackets and helmets. After some time, you will arrive at the white Nile to take part in white water rafting. When you reach here, you will be welcomed by an experienced guide who will orient you through various steps to take while rafting for example he will ask you for what you really want like; do you want it mild/wild or safe/exciting due to the fact that the rapids along the river have various grades. There are 6 various grades i.e grade 1 is relatively flat with water like that of a swimming pool- called hair of a dog, grade 2 & 3 is jarring-called vengeance, grade 4 & 5 are kind of tough-called 50-50 and grade 6 is deathly-called the Bad Place. After selecting which option you want, you will be divided into groups of 6 and after being allocated, you will proceed to raft. You will start cruising from grade 1 till 6 and on your way, you will spot the magnificent waterfalls, vast acacia woodlands, birds of the air, and the turbulent waters beneath the falls. After this amazing adventure of the Nile you will appreciate Africa’s nature from east to west and north to south.

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