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Ndaba Rock Rwanda

Ndaba Rock Rwanda, Historical Safari Tours in Rwanda.

About a two hour drive from Kigali is one of Rwanda’s most historical tourist sites which attracts both locals and foreigners interested in its mythical stories.

The rock is legend to be dripping with honey which was used to attract all the people of the surrounding forest, including Ndaba, the greedy hunter who is said to have perished at the bottom of the rock in a basin of honey.

According to a legend, before Ndaba’s death his fellow hunters lowered a rope down the rock which Ndaba would use to climb up to collect the honey into pots. But since he was very greedy he kept them waiting while eating the honey which made them leave him behind.

After stuffing himself with honey, Ndaba decided to leave for home which was too late due to the fact that there was no rope to help him out of the rock.

He tried to climb out then lost balance hence hitting his head on the rock which led to his death.

The main objective of the story is to teach visitors that locate to Rwanda as well as natives not to be greedy for this would lead to agitation in societies.

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